Fears and Phobias

Fear is a naturally occurring emotional state that we all experience. It can help us be careful and avoid things that may cause us harm. However, when a fear becomes so intense and irrational that it hinders us from living a normal life, it has turned into a phobia.

Having a fear of heights is normal. It keeps you aware of the danger of falling when you are on a roof, cleaning out your gutters. But when that fear is so intense that you cannot even step onto the second rail of the ladder, then that fear has become a phobia.

Hypnotic Coaching uses a process that scrambles the way a client thinks about a particular fear, for example flying, snakes, heights, enclosed spaces, spiders, public speaking, dogs, darkness and even vomit. When they think differently about the thing they had a phobia about, they react differently.

Many clients have been able to go back and live a normal, uninhibited life, once they have learnt how to see their object of fear in a totally different way.