Memory Recall and Study Techniques

A lot of clients come to Hypnotic Coaching with the belief that they don’t have a very good memory. This is especially true with many students, normally around exams. The fact is every person has a perfect memory. Everything you see, hear, smell, taste or feel is automatically stored in the unconscious mind, and we call this your memory.

The problem most people have is in recalling these memories. The reason people have trouble with recalling memories quickly, as in a student in an exam, is because their memories are all over the place. Just like a teenage boy that chucks everything in his room in no particular order, then can’t find a certain shirt when he needs it.

Through a hypnotic process, it is possible to go into your memory bank to declutter and organise all your memories so it is easy to find certain memories at the specific time you need them. It’s all in there, it just might need a tidy up.