If you hear something enough times, you will believe it to be true. This is how all our beliefs are created in our lives. Over your life time you have been told certain things that today make up your reality.

As you were growing up, your parents may have said things like “It’s hard to make money” or “We can’t afford this and that”. When we watch movies, we are taught that the bad guys are always the rich guys and the good guys are always the underdog. All these things have convinced us that you can’t be rich and if you do become rich, you can’t be nice.

What about if you are overweight. You might have heard people say “You must have a slow metabolism”, or “Bigger is better” or “It’s ok, there is just more of you to love”.

As we continually hear these negative statements, we begin to create a belief system that develops into our reality. Knowing this, there is an easy solution.

Change what you are hearing. If new, more positive suggestions and statements are being heard, then what you believe to be true will change. This is where subliminal suggestions can help. Subliminal messages go straight to the unconscious mind, and when heard enough, will change what the unconscious mind believes.

Now most subliminal recordings are accompanied by slow, monotonous soundtracks, designed to bore the conscious mind so the suggestions can go directly to the conscious mind. And when you buy a subliminal recording, the suggestions are very general or generic.

Here at Hypnotic Coaching, we believe there is a better and more successful way to use subliminal messaging to change belief systems. Firstly, the recording you get is specific to you. It is written and designed according to what you need. This is found out through a discovery session prior to your personalised recording being created.

Secondly, we have realised that people learn more and quicker when they are enjoying themselves, when they are having fun. So instead of a boring, monotonous soundtrack accompanying your personal suggestions, we create a playlist with songs that you enjoy. You pick the songs and then they are played over the top of the subliminal messages.

That’s why this program is so successful. You get to listen to your favourite songs, keeping you happy and in good spirits, while your unconscious mind is hearing positive and life changing suggestions, over and over again. As stated before, if you hear something enough times, you will begin to believe it to be true.