Sports Enhancement

They say that focus and concentration is essential to do anything at the elite level. Sporting activities are probably the most obvious situation where this is true. Being in the moment, or “In the flow” is a common term used in nearly all sports. When a golfer hits that “sweet” shot, or a basketball player blocks everything out when they are taking a free throw, they are 100% focused on what they are doing. Overthinking is a big problem. So is remembering past failures.

Hypnotic Coaching has helped many athletes with their mind and what they focus on. Sports include golf, tennis, cycling, weight lifting, basketball, athletics, triathletes, BMX racing and many more.

What we do is teach the mind to still itself, focus solely on the task at hand and block out any distractions. Golf is a prime example. Once a player has learned our technique, when they step up to the ball, they have the power to block any memories of the last time they stuffed up a shot and relax their body and mind so the muscle memory of how to hit a long, straight shot is opened and free to perform.

Fatigue is a problem, especially in endurance events such as cycling, running and triathlons. The body is an amazing machine and can quite often do more than our minds believe it can. By pushing through the fatigue in your mind, you will find that you can perform far better than you ever thought possible. We have had great success with weight lifters using this technique as well.

It doesn’t matter what sport you play, negative or limiting thoughts will always stop you from performing at your best. To be at the top of your game, you need to be mentally strong as well as physically strong