Traumatic Memories

Our mind is an amazing thing. Everything we see, hear, feel, taste or smell goes directly into our memory. Everything that happens to us is stored in our memory bank. It doesn’t matter if it is good or bad, educational or nonsense, our mind does not use a filter to decide what to keep or not.

When something bad happens to us, something traumatic, 2 things can happen. The memory may stay up front in our minds, causing nightmares or strong fears of certain situations to happen, or the memory is buried deep so you don’t think about it, but your unconscious mind will still remind you of it indirectly through causing other issues in your life like fear of public speaking, bedwetting, intimacy issues, fear of flying, commitment issues, shyness, anti-social behaviour, anger issues and so on.

At Hypnotic Coaching, we have had great success in helping people who have been through a traumatic event in their lives to release the attachment to that particular memory. The mind is smart. It knows everything that happens is stored in the memory bank and you just can’t wipe it out.

The process we use is to lock away the memory and make it so hard to retrieve that the unconscious mind decides not to retrieve it. The unconscious mind understands that it can retrieve it if it wants, but we make it so difficult a task to do that it just doesn’t worry about it. That way the memory doesn’t resurface unless it is completely necessary.