Is your internal GPS up to date?

Everything that we experience in our lives, exists only because we internally create that experience. Nothing is real until we decide it is real. And what decide to be real is based on our Internal Map of Reality.

Earlier this year I was travelling to a retreat on the Sunshine Coast, to a place that I hadn’t been to before. So before I left, I typed in the address into my GPS. The location was found and the directions on how to get there were up on the screen.

So I headed off from the Gold Coast to the Sunshine Coast, so looking forward to the retreat, and after about two and a half hours I arrived at my destination. I caught up with some friends that night for dinner and during the conversation I told them about my trip up and the route I took. One of the people there, asked me why I didn’t drive the way they did, which would of cut about 30 minutes off the trip. My GPS was about 5 years old and I hadn’t updated my maps. The route they told me wasn’t in my database and because of this it wasn’t an option I could choose.

So is your Internal Map of Reality database up to date. We can only decide what is real in our lives based on that database. The information we put into that database comes from what we have learnt through experience and what we have been taught (both consciously and unconsciously) throughout our lives. The only way to increase our database is to continue learning.

If our database is limited (as my GPS map database was) then our options or opportunities in life are also limited. If you don’t believe something is real or possible, then you will never get to experience it or achieve it.

So that you can do anything you choose to do in your life, you need to increase your Internal Map of Reality. And the only way to do this is to continually increase your education through gaining information from reading, listening and learning off others through courses, workshops and experiences, as much as you can.

As you update your maps, more and more things will become real for you, and thus the opportunities that will come your way will continue to increase every day.

So here is my challenge for you. Try to learn or experience at least one new thing every day. Slowly you will get to the point that nothing will seem unreal or impossible and anything you choose to do will become a reality.

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