Hypnotic Coaching, in conjunction with the Mark Anthony Hypnosis Academy, provides the most comprehensive Clinical Hypnosis training course in existence. This Clinical Hypnosis certification course will give you all the knowledge and skills you need to start your own hypnosis business from day 1.

3 Days is actually more than enough time to study, understand, practice and be competent as a new Clinical Hypnotist. In fact, you will be hypnotising people by the end of the first day.

With our fast track system of teaching hypnosis, you will be able to help others progress in no time at all. A big part of the training is learning the facts, background, procedures, and general study of hypnotherapy. However, if that was all sent to you in advance, to read and get a head start on, imagine how much time that can save. Now you would be able to spend more time on the hands-on practice and less on what can be easily done by reading on your own. This is what we do.

What most people don’t realise is that hypnosis is a system. There is an actual process to conducting sessions that can be taught and learned very easily in a very short time.

“It does not have to be difficult to be worthwhile.”

During the course, you will be given nearly 70 scripts that are yours to take away and use. These scripts cover everything you will need to hypnotise someone, including susceptibility tests, inductions, deepeners, depth tests, scripts for specific issues and awakeners. You will also be taught how to write your own scripts using hypnotic language.

In fact this course helps you get into business for yourself straight away, by also teaching you successful marketing techniques that will get your name out into the market place.

And the one thing that is exclusive to this training program is that we supply ongoing support for all our graduates. This is done through phone support, emails, a private Facebook group and a mentor program. You will never get stuck with a client, not knowing how to proceed with their session. We believe that we do not succeed unless you succeed.