Communication is what all successful relationships are based on, whether it be in business, with your loved ones, meeting new people or even with yourself. Communication is the most powerful tool anyone can develop.

Coming from a sporting background, having played water polo and basketball at an elite level, and having enjoyed playing tennis, rugby league, rugby union, squash, swimming and cricket, Craig understands that if you want to get better at any sport, if you want to be successful, you have to have a coach. And now he has realised that life, and in particular, communication, is no different. If you want to be successful, if you want to live your life at the elite level, you need someone to encourage you, guide you, keep you accountable for the things you need to do and pick you up when you stumble. You need a communications coach.

Now there are many coaches out there, and most of them offer a great service. But what makes Hypnotic Coaching different from everyone else in the industry is that we incorporate hypnosis with our coaching so that everything we do, is done the easy way. We tap straight into your unconscious mind, bypassing the hard work of convincing the conscious mind to change.

Craig spoke to a lot of people while he was developing this program, and what became so obvious to him was that everyone was confident in some parts of their communication, whether it be their external outward communication (their words and actions), or their external inward communication (their listening and observation skills), or even their internal inward communication (their self-talk, dreams and thoughts), but no-one felt they had completely mastered all three.

Throughout the program you will be supported in:

  • Learning how to read another person’s body language

  • Developing how to use your own body language to your advantage

  • Reprogramming unproductive belief systems

  • Discovering what that little voice in your head is really telling you and how to filter out any unnecessary chatter

  • Creating the skills to influence others towards your ideas (ethically of course)

  • Learning the lost art of conflict resolution

  • Becoming the master of your own mind through self-hypnosis

  • Developing the skills to become a human lie detector

  • And so much more

Through an ongoing one on one coaching package, it is possible to tailor a program specifically for you, working in the areas you feel you have a deficit and developing the necessary skills and tools you need to become a total master of your communication.

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