Unachievable Goals - No such thing

How many times in your life have you had a goal or dream that you have wanted, but because it seemed so far away, so hard to get to, you just gave up on it and didn’t pursue it? Sometimes what we really want seems to be too big, like it is out of our reach, so we never even try to get it.


Recently, I drove from the Gold Coast down to Sydney. To avoid traffic and because it was quite warm, I decided to travel at night. Now Sydney is about 1,000kms from the Gold Coast. When I set out on my trip, my goal was to get to Sydney.


I couldn’t see Sydney when I started my trip. In fact, I could only see about 200m in front of me, as far as my headlights would shine. But I had faith. I knew that when I had travelled 200m, the next 200m would be lit up and I would be able to see where I had to go next. And when I had travelled that 200m, I would see the next part of my journey. Guess what? I made it to Sydney and I saw where I was going the whole way. Each part of my trip was lit up when I had completed the previous part.


This faith, this belief will allow you to achieve any goal you desire, no matter how big it is or how far away it seems. All you have to do is start the journey, complete the section you can see by setting small, achievable goals that will get you to the next section. Once you complete that small goal, the next step will become clear to you. Then take the next step until finally all the little steps, all the small, achievable goals will come together and you will arrive at the destination you set out for, your desired dream or goal.


Remember, every journey starts with just one step. So think of a goal you have, a really big one, one that you might think is out of your grasp. Now break it down. What is the first step you need to do that will start you off in achieving your dream? Make that first step achievable, realistic, so easy that there is no way you can fail it. Because success breeds success. If you succeed in finishing this task, in successfully completing this small goal, then it will be easier to achieve the next small goal.


And as you succeed along the way, take time to celebrate these achievements. It doesn’t have to be something big, just make it something. If you celebrate something, you get a feeling of accomplishment, and this makes you feel good. And when you feel good, you will be more motivated to take the next step, and more likely to succeed.


So now you know that no goal is too big to achieve, no dream is out of your reach. If you break it down into small goals, and have faith that each step will be presented to you along the way, then you can achieve anything.

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