The importance of asking

To achieve success in your life, it is important to get clear in your head where you want to go and what steps you need to take to get there. We have all been told this many times in many different ways, but there is one piece of information that nobody seems to explain.

I was at a coffee shop with some friends of mine the other day, just enjoying their company and catching up. The coffee shop was pretty busy, and I was looking around, watching others that were there. There was this one couple on the table next to us that had just arrived. They started discussing what they wanted to have. The guy decided pretty quick that he was going to have a latte but the young girl wasn’t sure what she wanted. Finally she got it clear in her head that she was going to have a skinny cappuccino.

Now they sat there talking for a while and looking around. Food and drinks were coming out to different tables, but the young couple were still sitting at their table waiting to get what they wanted. Eventually, after about 20 minutes, the guy went up to the counter and placed his order. Within minutes their drinks arrived.

They had decided what they wanted to get, they had it clear in their heads what it was they wanted, but until they asked for it there was no way they were going to receive what they desired.

This is how life is. Quite often we get it clear in our heads what it is we want in life, what we want to achieve, we set goals, we clear emotional blockages, we write out action plans, but we never communicate to the people that can help us, what we actually want.

It is very important that we have clear inner communication when we want to succeed at something, but it is just as important that we have clear outer communication as well. If we can’t enlist the help of people that can assist us in achieving our goals, then how do we expect to be successful?

That young couple could have sat at the table all day, having it clear in their heads what they wanted, but until they actually communicated their desired outcome to someone that could help them, the barista, they were never going to have success in getting their coffees.

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