To make banana cake, you need bananas

How many times have we been told that “you only get out of something what you put in”. Normally, this is directed towards motivation, but let me tell you now, it goes way beyond your level of effort. It refers to everything you put into your life. If you want a desired result, you must put the right things in.

Let’s say you wanted to bake a banana cake. You can combine the flour, eggs, sugar, butter, vanilla essence and any other ingredients you want, but unless you put in bananas, you are not going to get your desired outcome. Likewise, if you wanted make a mochaccino, but you didn’t put the chocolate in, you would finish up with a nice cup of cappuccino, but not what you actually wanted.

In life, this principle is exactly the same. If you want something in your life, you have to put the right ingredients in to  your life to get the outcome you desire. I made a decision quite a while ago that I wanted to live life with a positive and happy attitude. To achieve this I chose to only put positive things into my life. I would stop any negative input so I was only putting in the necessary ingredients.

I stopped reading newspapers and watching the news, because most of the news today is negative. I created playlists on my MP3 player with only fun and uplifting songs. I only watch comedy, motivational, educational and feel good movies. I surround myself with positive people and if I am in a conversation or situation that starts to become negative, I either change it or get out of it.

I am choosing what I put into my life. I can only get out of my life what I put in. So if I am only putting in positive, happy things into my life, I can only get out a positive, happy life. When I set goals in my life, I think “What ingredients do I need to add to my life so that I can achieve this goal?” Then comes the easy part. I only put in those things that are going to make my goal a reality

So here’s my challenge to you. For the next two weeks, consciously only have positive inputs coming into your life. Surround yourself with happy, positive situations and people. Do not allow negative things to come into your life. Choose what ingredients you are putting into your mixing bowl of life. Only watch television shows that make you laugh or feel good. Read books that you enjoy. And don’t watch or read the news.

Then after two weeks, notice how happier you are, how much more positive your life has become. You’ll have a different outlook on life. Your thoughts will be clearer and more focused. And remember, your thoughts become your actions. You cannot do something without thinking about it. Think about that for a second.

So if what you think is what you do, how much more positive will your behaviour be if you are thinking positively? How better will your life be when you can only be happy? And the most beautiful thing about this concept is that you get to choose the ingredients, the inputs. You get to design the life you want.

Enjoy your banana cake.

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